Anger not Mental Illness Kills People

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18 August 2018

This is a continuation of my post on ‘Anger Not Mental Illness’.

Something went awry since the post was about a paragraph long.

So if you read that post I am sure you were disappointed. I will delete it and start anew.


Pictured above is Spec. Ivan Lopez in his helicopter in the Sinai Peninsula during his service with the 295th Infantry of the Puerto Rico National Guard.

Spec. Lopez is suspected of fatally shooting three people before killing himself at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas on April 2, 2014.

The accounts of what lead up to the shooting spree that killed the innocent people vary.

The Guardian January 23, 2015, reports that Specialist Lopez two parents had died shortly before the shootings.

The military relied heavily on personnel to ‘self-report’ on their conditions.

The self-reporting of personal issues did not work because Spec Lopez did report to his supervisors about his depression, although he was undergoing treatment for the depression.

Other factors may have played a part as well. Spec Lopez, in conversations, said he had injured himself in combat in Iraq.

There was no proof of that claim.

However, whatever system there was to monitor Spec Lopez it didn’t work.

He had an argument with his supervisor about the leave he was expecting and when it was denied ‘blew up’.

He traveled two blocks and killed three people including himself.

According to the Washington Post, he pulled out his private 45 caliber pistol, shot up the office of the 49th Transportation Battalion wounding two soldiers.

Before killing himself, he killed three people and wounded 12 others.

The question is:

Did his mental state, i.e. depression cause him to set off this horrible attack?

The NRA has been foisting this theory on people at every chance it can.

‘Mentally ill people are the mass murders.’

Psychologist Laura L. Hayes disagrees.

She states this “relatively weak connection between mental illness and mass shootings,” does not override another position.

She states that “the connection between the inability to manage anger and violence,” is a stronger motivation.”

We have to look back to the 1980s for answers.

The 1980s were a time of massive deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill.

She was working toward her degree in clinical psychology and was training at a psychiatric hospital in Washington D.C.

She relates “one small, diminutive, the elderly patient sometimes wandered the halls.”

“She had been committed to the hospital after she stabbed someone in a supermarket.”

She was what is sometimes referred to as a revolving-patient: She was schizophrenic and heard frightening voices in her head.

When she became psychotic enough, she would be hospitalized, stabilized on medication, and then released back to the community.

There she would go off her medication, become psychotic, be re-hospitalized, stabilized again on medication, released, etc.”

In 1955 deinstitutionalization began.In 1955 deinstitutionalization began.

It was the result of the introduction of the drug Thorazine. This was the first effective antipsychotic drug.

The abbreviated version is that in 1955 the total population was164 million people.

Of those 558,239 were hospitalized as mentally ill.

By 1994 the hospitalized population was 71,619. The true magnitude of the issue was that if the portion of the population in 1994 was equal to that of 1955, 885,010 people should have been hospitalized.

How many were hospitalized? 71,619.

Does that point to a problem?

Over three-fourths of the population should have been hospitalized in the same rules applied!

Back to our little, old lady, this is not intended as a pun or disparagement.

“She testified that she had become extremely upset in the grocery store before repeatedly stabbing the man in front of her in the checkout line.”

The hearing officer asked if she had been hearing voices at the time she stabbed the man. ‘Yes’, she replied, she had.

‘What were the voices telling you’ he inquired.

“She explained that the voices were telling her not to hurt the man, but he had gotten in the express checkout lane with more than 10 items, and that made her so mad that she couldn’t stop herself.”

This tale sounds a warning I think.

One that the NRA chose to ignore.

As we have seen so far in 2018 according to

the Gun Violence Archive which tracks the statistics there have been 154 mass shootings thru the deaths at the Capital Gazette.

While getting absolute confirmation of the numbers varies on the criteria used to calculate them, this massive number of deaths is not acceptable in a civil society.

This will not be a debate about guns or no guns.

The facts that are available are simply stated.

Ms. Hayes, notes that “Violence is not a product of mental illness; violence is a product of anger”.

Some mass shootings occurred become some people had emotional problems.

It has become fashionable, i.e. The NRA, to blame mental illness for violent crimes.

“Violence is not a product of mental illness.”

“Nor is violence generally the action of ordinary, stable individuals who suddenly “Break” and commit crimes of passion.”

“Violent crimes are committed by violent people, who do not have the skills to manage their anger.”

Most homicides are committed by people with a history of violence.

Murderers are rarely ordinary, law-abiding citizens, and they are also rarely mentally ill.

“Violence is a product of compromised anger management skills.”

Image by Joshua Newton 149634158 unsplash

I thought I would throw this out there and let you follow the link to add to your insight in the conversation taking place.

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Google Images dual blue roses


How Do I Understand?

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August 10, 2018

This is my “deep story”

I stumbled upon a rich treasure the other day. It is already bearing fruit.

I am not sure how I connected with this source but it is amazing!

It is called ‘Cognoscenti’. The tagline on its page is “Thinking That Matters”.

The definition of Cognoscenti is “persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, especially in the fine arts, literature, and the world of fashion according to

I have provided the link to the page where the inside story is.

This medium is a sponsored program by WBRU Radio in Boston MA. I recommend reading the article.


clenched fist in red white and blue Google Images

The title of an article struck me “I Keep Trying to Understand Trump Voters, But I Keep Failing,”.

 Julie Wittes Schlack Cognoscenti Contributor wrote the article

Julie writes essays, short stories and book reviews for various publications including WBUR’s Cognoscenti and The ARTery.

By day, she leads the product innovation team for C Space, a Boston-based consumer collaboration company.

It is Ms. Wittes Schlack’s review of a book by Arlie Russell Hochschild “Strangers In Their Own Land”.

She describes the book as “a deeply researched and prescient study of Tea Party activists in Louisiana.

She quotes Ms. Hochschild “In a period of political tumult, we grasp for quick certainties”. We shoehorn new information into ways we already think.”


This is attached to a podcast named “Hidden Brain” hosted by Shankar Vedantam and produced by  Maggie Penman, Renee Klar, Jennifer Schmidt, Rhaina Cohen,  Tara Boyle, and Chloe Connelly. It was distributed on January 24, 2017.

The work of sociologist Arlie Hochschild was researched for some time.

The article starts out by restating my conundrum: “Researchers have long been confused by what seems like a paradox: many people in America vote against their economic self-interests.

Whether it’s the working-class conservative who wants a tax cut for the wealthy or a member of the liberal elite who fights for safety nets that raise his own taxes – we don’t always act in the way that would help US most.”

Aha! I dim light flickers to life!

Ms. Arlie Hochschild tackles this paradox.

“She says that people might vote against their economic needs, they’re actually voting for their emotional needs”.

Ms. Hochschild spent years in Louisiana trying to understand the deep stories of conservative, white, heterosexual, working-class Americans.

“Their deep story focused on the American Dream: the idea that, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have a better life,”

Today that dream is shattered best that I can tell.

I read an article today that discussed how the rents paid by the uber-wealthy are decreasing while the rents paid by the poor are increasing.

How can that be?

I thought America was a capitalist country governed by the “marketplace”, whatever that is.

(I am working on a post about poverty in American and the pay gaps: between rich and poor, women and men.)

I will get to that soon. I have been postponing it because I don’t think all of that story is told yet.

Yes, unemployment is low and the stock market is high.

But it all seems artificial.

I vividly recall the crash in 2007. I have been waiting for the crash of 2018 or 2019 to hit.

In addition, the tariffs and trade wars are going to working classes and the not uber-rich one more time.

The hardships unleashed by the last crash were not felt by the uber-rich.

The US Treasury is borrowing at a rate that makes me gasp.

I don’t understand it all but when the talk is of ‘unprecedented’ increases, my heart plummets.

But Ms. Hochschild’s observations ring true.

When I was in the Army in Alabama, the local people that worked in the same building were very much in favor of Nixon.

I cautioned them that all was not well.

They didn’t believe, but I think I righter than they.

The times are so much like the days and turmoil of Nixon’s reign but even he did not go to the autocrat extremes of our current dictator.

But I wander from my story.

I noticed last week that Trump’s approval ratings were at 50%.


A recent Pew survey found that approval ratings for Trump have been stable

Thirty-nine percent of Americans approved of his job performance in February 2017, almost a month after his inauguration.

With all the terrible things that have happened since his approval rating has improved!

Looking across to the opposition while 84 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance compared to just 7 percent of Democrats.

I never recall that big a chasm in this country.

I didn’t understand people voting for him in the first place. Now, even more, think he is just swell.

I mentioned that the American Dream was the quest for all Americans.

What happens when that dream does not come true?

Conservative white people see blacks and immigrants cutting in line in front of them.

They get ahead while the white people flounder.

No improvement in wages.

No improvement in job security.

Even when Trump kills industries with his tariffs they still approve of his job performance!

According to Hochschild, Trump tapped into the deep stories of these white people.

He confirmed what these people felt and that validated them.

His rhetoric even gives them a way to talk about their stories.

This has been one of my ‘not-understandings’.

They voted for him. Now they approve of him even more! ??

I wondered where these people had been.

Why hadn’t I heard of them before?

But that was part of the problem.

They didn’t have a voice until Trump came along.

Sure they elected a lot of crazy, of the rocker congresspeople. But that is the nature of the South.

‘A different country’ when I talked about Alabama.

Okay. That explains the attitudes of the people that lined the top of the freeways in Kentucky.

Blacks for Trump Google Images


My story was reinforced by an up-and-coming singer. Dolly Parton. She sings of the squalor that she and so many others lived in.

I just didn’t pay enough attention to the words.

Ms. Hochschild explored the ‘deep stories’.

 “The phenomenon of the tales we construct and tell ourselves to create coherence, to explain our values, hopes and disappointment.’

The stories may not be accurate but they ‘FEEL’ TRUE.

That still is only part of the story.

Last week Pence was in Duluth. A month earlier it was Trump.

The city was upside down!

How did these people, those that I grew up with, that I attended school devise such different ‘deep stories’ than mine?

I heard my rage and utter despair at the conditions that were and are developing.

Hochschild describes the “empathy wall” that makes us feel different even hostile to those who hold different beliefs

Boy that describes me to the hair I don’t have on my head.

What still befuddles me is that approximately four in 10 Americans support Trump even though a majority say they don’t like the way he conducts himself.

Another HUH?

How can someone vote for a person they don’t respect or admire? Especially for president?

Ms. Wittes Schlack describes the theory of Arlie Hochschild.

“In her telling, the conservative right’s deep story is about standing in line to get to the summit of a hill where you’ll finally realize the American Dream.”

You will have the prosperity and security of your dreams.

“The line moves slowly, but despite your lack of progress, you feel proud for  not complaining.”

You are tenacious. You are patient.

But now, the line quit moving.

It was moving at a snail’s pace, but now you see women, African-Americans, and immigrants cutting in line in front of you.

That you made you mad as a child and maybe even more now.

You feel “increasingly outnumbered and victimized.”

But you are like your ancestors, stoic and not complaining.

You won’t be a ‘whiner’.

It is safer for your ‘deep story’ to “characterize them, those people who cut in line, as rapists and criminals.

“They are job-stealing parasites infesting the homeland.”

You blame them and then you can hold onto your self-respect.

I am like the rest of the Americans that are increasingly contemptuous of the Republicans.

I even have created a name for them “The Trumpsters”. Those who follow Trump are “The Intolerants”.

In my story, it makes no difference whether you ‘born into privilege or poverty’.

We don’t look at the losses we have experienced we look at the great things we have accomplished.

We have redressed the wrongs of Civil Rights and Women’s Rights.

We “champion diversity and economic fairness.”

“We see the last 50 years not as an erosion of American values” but as a fulfillment of them.

We can agree with the conservatives that the “American Dream’ is increasingly unattainable.

But I blame the 1% and the skewed capitalist system on which they gorge.

I don’t blame the destitute or the working poor.

Granted liberals congratulate themselves on doing good works.

Stop Trump Google Images

But what do we do when we see the world rails ‘off the rails’?

I get angry and I despair for the future.

We have achieved all the ‘rights’ but now, in a blip, gone.

How do we address the rising tensions in our midst? The rising likelihood of racial violence?

We have already been thru this once!


What did the hard work of the last 50 years accomplish?

Each story feels right for the people living in it.

It looks equally twisted to those that are looking in from the outside.

I don’t understand how we will reach common ground?

we the people Google Images

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A Gallery of Duluth MN and Lake Superior by Rick Rice

A king surveying his domain


Ancient Rock Builders


Sunset on the Big Lake


Born to Run


Downtown Duluth at Dusk


He went thataway


Laker just passed thru the Duluth Ship Canal


Laker just passing thru the Duluth Ship Canal


Packing for the Road Trip this weekend


Sunset after the Storm


Sunset on the Lake


Laker in the Sea Fog
What did you do on New Year’s Eve?
Peace and Quiet Can you hear the fish swimming?
Bridal Gazabo at Duluth Rose Garden
Springtime on the rivers of the North Shore
sunrise on the lakewalk the park bench looks inviting duluth mn
Sunrise on the Lakewalk


sunrise and sea smoke hides the city's steam power plant
The City Steam Plant Dukes in and out of the Sea Smoke
Bentleyville in its Finest
Bentleyville at Christmas
ore boat - ship - in dock for the winter
Wrapped up Snug and Warm for the Winter
Split Rock Lighthouse in Spring Thaw
Split Rock Lighthouse in Spring Thaw
Presque Isle December 31st, 2017 Image by Rick Rice
Presque Isle December 31st, 2017
St Clair in Sea Smoke Image by Rick Rice
St Clair maneuvering in Sea Smoke
St Clair maneuring in Port of Duluth Image by Rick Rice
St Clair Maneuvering in Port of Duluth
Full Moon in Canal Park Image by Rick Rice
Full Moon in Canal Park
Moonlit Aerial Lift Bridge Image by Rick Rice
Moonlit Aerial Lift Bridge
Canal Park in Full Moon Image by Rick Rice
Canal Park
A Summer Evening on the Lake Image by Rick Rice
A Summer Evening on the Lake
At the Cabin Image by Rick Rice
At the Cabin
Amity Creek Image by Rick Rice
Amity Creek
Seven Bridges Road Image by Rick Rice
Seven Bridges Road
A Night of Nostalgia Image by Rick Rice
A Night of Nostagia
Music on the Bayfront Image by Rick Rice
Music on the Bayfront
Isn't Driftwood Fascinating? Image by Rick Rice
Isn’t Driftwood Fascinating?
Stunning view of the Waterfront Image by Rick Rice
Stunning View of the Waterfront
Early Mornng Best Morning Image by Rick Rice
Early Morning Best Morning
Breaking at the Boardwalk Image by Rick Rice
Breaking at the Boardwalk
Palisade Head with Rick out for a Stroll
Palisade Head with Rick out for a Stroll
Canoes? Must be Northeast Minnesota Image by Rick Rice
Canoes? Must be Northeast Minnesota
Under On the Boardwalk Image by Rick Rice
Under On the Boardwalk
Who Wants Duck? Image by Rick Rice
Who wants Duck?
Wedding Gazebo up with the Crocus Image by Rick Rice
Wedding Gazebo up with the Crocus
Must be Minnesota Image by Rick Rice
Must be Minnesota
Wedding Gazebo in the Rose Garden Image by Rick Rice
Wedding Gazebo in the Rose Garden

A Gallery

Duluth MN and Lake Superior
by Rick Rice 


MN Noreaster Featured Post
 A Gallery of Duluth MN and Lake Superior by Rick Rice

My Rose Garden Party part 3

July 1, 2018

I have favorite names for my ‘gardens’.

The names are a bit grandiose in relation to the actual ‘gardens’ but it helps me remember which is what and where. I assure you it is entirely on purpose to no purpose except to point an old mind in the right direction.

You have to remember that I am more than 68 years old and my memory is impaired. I am scheduled for a 4-hour session with a neuropsychologist next week.

That sounds a bit scary and it is. But maybe this doctor can find where I lost my memory. I don’t remember where I put it.

In the front of the house are the west side garden, the west front garden, the front center and the east front.

We may only get through two gardens in a post. We’ll have to see how much gabbing I do.

The west side garden is probably the best place to start since it has the fewest plants.

West Side Garden

When we moved in more than 43 years ago there was a large chokecherry bush on a small hill. In order to plant a French White Lilac, we move the chokecherry bush to the west side of the house.

You can learn about Chokecherry Bushes here.

Chokecherry Bush. Photo by: Peter Dziuk
Chokecherry Bush. Photo by: Peter Dziuk

The major drawback to this location is that we can’t see the birds feeding on it.

It does well most of the time.

However, since an invasion of tent caterpillars a few years ago it has struggled. Tent caterpillars are a nuisance in town.

But in rural areas, they are outrageous and dangerous. Cars have slid into a ditch after striking a patch of caterpillars.





Area of Forest Tent Caterpillar aka Army worms forecast for 2018. MN DNR
Area of Forest Tent Caterpillar aka Army worm forecast for 2018.
Closeup of a single Forest Tent Caterpillar Image MN DNR
Closeup of a single Forest Tent Caterpillar


                                Forest Tent Caterpillars aka Army Worms in Minnesota

Find the species of birds and insects that feed on Eastern Tent Caterpillars and Forest Tent Caterpillars.

Just a glimpse of these crawling masses of Army worms is sufficient to bring back the odor of thousands (4 million can reside in one acre of a forest!) of these squished by car tires on rural roads.

They are nasty, ugly and bright green when squished.

People line the trunks of their expensive flowering trees to prevent these worms from climbing into the branches and devouring every last leaf.

Most of the time trees recover in the same season from being de-foliated. But there are times when the march of the Army worms is a contributing cause of trees dying.

I take this time to introduce you to one of my favorite image makers. Her name is Annie Spratt. Her images are found on You can download any image by thousands of professional photographers for FREE!

All the images are covered under Creative Commons License.

Rose images by Annie Spratt

West Side Garden

In the west side garden, in addition to the chokecherry bush, we planted two Jens Munk roses in memory of Becky’s sister Sue. These Canadian Explorer roses have blossoms that may look frail but their canes are not in the least frail or fragile.

They have nipped a grandchild or two so they just stay out of that area of the yard now.

Ms. Munk looks after herself. Her thorns are almost a wicked as the rosa glauca (more on that rose later).

In the background of this garden are Iris. This is a picture of the bulbs we grew.

Blue or purple Iris. A popular flower in Zone 3. Google Images
Blue or purple Iris. A popular flower in Zone 3.

This is a link to many other varieties of Iris.

The next flower is a favorite of Becky’s. Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley. Image from Wikipedia
Lily of the Valley. Image from Wikipedia

A Lily of the Valley short primer is here.

The fragrance of this Lily is intoxicating. This flower can be invasive depending on where you plant them.

One last concern with Lilies of the Valley is pets. These Ladies are poisonous to cats and dogs. If ingested you will see vomiting and diarrhea.

As with all plants it pays to do the research. I once heard weeds described as flowers that are just in the wrong place.

I have hewed to this theory. As undergarments to many of the roses, I planted dead nettle in many of the beds. It is invasive and I planted purple and silvery pink flowers.

Within a few years of planting, they had filled the ground under the roses and choked out many other weeds. Their luminescent foliage was a pleasant sight when not many other flowers were in bloom.

Dead nettle as ground cover

The next flower in this garden is Globe Thistle. I planted two of these and they rewarded us with large and robust plants.

Blue Thistle by Annie Spratt.
Blue Thistle by Annie Spratt.

The Last Plant

This plant wraps around the corner of the house and shares some space with our Jackmani Clematis.


Our Viburnum ‘Snowball Bush’  was about 6 feet wide when we moved in. After fertilizing and cutting back to the ground several times it prospered and grew to about 15 feet wide.

A caveat, in the wet spring early summer the flowers will rust quickly just as white lilacs do.

I never researched in depth until now the difference between the Snowball Bush Viburnum and the Snowball Bush Hydrangea.

I would casually look up the Viburnum and then Hydrangea at different times. I would wonder why our Snowball Bush didn’t have the full shape that Annabelle Hydrangea has.

Next post we will look at Turkestan Burning Bush and a BIG chunk of Bluestone.

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Rose Image by Annie Spratt Unsplash!
Annie Spratt Unsplash!



“Cognitive Ease” Part Two

Originally posted January 13, 2018

For today’s discussion “cognitive ease”.


We looked at Hitler’s ‘Minister of Entertainment and Spectacle’.

That was not his exact title but it suits my purpose.

I have been in a quandary for months, almost two years actually.
I think my first anti trump post as Hitler reincarnate was in my blog ‘Field Notes from an Old Man’ was in May 2016.
I was befuddled as to how a Tried and True Hitler follower, a liar, an egotistical billionaire with undertones of a sex-crazed crime boss could be campaigning to be President of the United States.
It did not make sense let alone that he was actually gathering supporters and gathering steam in his campaign.
The next click in my mental file cabinet revealed a folder labeled ‘ What is with the Republicans?
Why are they following this schmuck?
An article I had in that file that led to my research was titled “The Hollowing of the Conservative Mind”. We will get to that at a later date but soon.
Yesterday’s AHA! moment was finding the label “Cognitive Ease” by professor Daniel Kahneman.
I now understood why the leadership of at least two men Paul Ryan R-WI and Speaker of the House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell R-KY and Senate Majority Leader, are not putting a stop to this madman that spewed lies easier than he told the truth.
This crazed maker of absolutely cruel, pompous, insidious, made up stories was getting away with the Republican version of ‘Running with the Bulls’.
The faster the opposition candidate ran the faster the bull ran breathing heavily down her neck.
As I described in yesterday’s post I understood later in the bull run that these men, (and others no doubt), had been paid off.
What I couldn’t comprehend that seemingly United States citizens that had won public office and promised to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law.
They swore to improve the lives of its citizens through their hard work and faithful service to their country were not throwing the “Orangeman” as he became known in jail.
I just did not understand.
When I saw Professor Daniels label of Joseph Goebbels operating procedures the lights and bells and whistles went off.
“When confronted with uncomfortable facts or facts that’ require work to understand people simply avoid them.”


Armed with this understanding of human nature and especially the nature of the press Trump became and still is ‘The Great Dictator of the News Cycle’.
Gaphic of Trump swinging ala a singer Miley Cyrus. Google Images
This is not to say that he understood the tactic spelled out by the Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman who labeled Goebbels procedures of operations.
Trump understood how to play entertainment media from his days as a Reality TV ‘star’.
He understood how to disrupt the game people and politicians play. He could then play with his outrageous lies and set plays.
The definition of ‘set plays’ in the Book “32 Plays “(it is available to download free from the internet) stipulates that set plays in basketball, ” are strategically planned and choreographed sequence of movements  to get open shots and score points.”
The definition continues “ SET PLAYS are quick hitters to score points at certain points during the game.
I think I can say that Trump operates strictly on SET PLAYS.
He doesn’t think his plays to a logical conclusion because there isn’t one.
He simply disrupts and then pivots and disrupts again.
There is no grand scheme.
There are no policies.
And that is why he is successful.
News Media especially are anticipating that he will do a certain thing at an event.
He doesn’t do it and they are surprised and caught flat-footed.
Caricature of Trump giving a speech Google Images
That this is still game day after a year in office is either a complement to Trump’s cunning or a case of gullibility on the part of the press.
I think it is a combination of both with the largest portion of success due to the later.
Trump faints one way and dekes to the other and the press are tripping all over themselves.
Good columnists from print, TV, and social media are left to do proper analysis.
The sad part because he is a one-man show he can be on the next two disruptive events while the TV reporters left are way behind.
The news directors can’t get ahead of Trump to disrupt HIS next disruption.
I’d say Trump is always going to win this game.
After all, it is HIS game and the press are always several steps behind.
I know.
I tried to keep up with him.
I even tried to establish his distractions by ‘ batches’.
I tried to organize his ‘plays’ by similarities and write about them that way.
I couldn’t keep up using that tactic either.
He has no plan but news directors have to plan their work so they are always going to lose.
Mother Jones News in their post “How Republicans Normalized Donald Trump’s Racism” by David Corn dated January12, 2018.
Mr. Corn is Mother Jones Washington Bureau chief and writes frequently.
He seems to understand the dizzyingly fast-paced smoke Trump lays down.
WWII naval battles used a tactic where Navy ships poured oil in their Diesel engines and laid down an impenetrable black smokescreen that allowed the ship to slither away.
Ala Trump, Goebbels tactic to disrupt or cause unusual actions and then lay down some smoke and move off to the next disruption.
Trump has been playing out his games on the stage shared by Republicans, since 2012.
I am sure he has been at this tactic gauging its effectiveness, tightening it up a bit and reusing it as a fresh weapon.
He is most accomplished at using it as a racial weapon.
First hassling President Obama as not having a valid American birth certificate via the ‘ birther movement’.
He showed his talent at delivering racial slurs again yesterday when he relegated Haitians, Salvadoran etc to the “shithole nations”.
These ongoing racial slurs did not daunt Republicans from embracing him, however.
They have had a lot of practice since 2011.
In fact, they are so practiced at the sidestep no Republican to broke ranks to condemn Trump.
All were silent except Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ, who is not running for reelection.
Senator Flake earlier took to the floor of the Senate Chamber to denounce Trump and his racism, anti humanitarianism and just plain evil tactics.
Senator John McCain and Senator Flake are both Republicans representing Arizona.
They have both called Trump out.
Flake has stronger arrows in his quiver but McCain still has to work with Trump for at least 3 more years has been a little more circumspect by not naming Trump in his attacks.
 I was gratified to see that Mr. Corn ended his article by referring to ” Trump’s racist comment (calling nations of black people as “shitholes”)
Mr. Corn continues “racist comment is much more than the latest reminder of his dark soul; it is a reflection of the values (or lack thereof) of a party and movement that has accepted Trump and elevated him to its highest rank”. 
I would entertain that the Republican leadership has completely debauched the party of Lincoln and have committed it to the trash heap of history.
Lincoln stood on his head Google Image
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Google Images dual blue roses