How Do I Understand? aka New Information into Old Thinking

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August 10, 2018

How do I understand my “deep story”

I stumbled upon a rich treasure the other day. It is already bearing fruit.

I am not sure how I connected with this source but it is amazing!

It is called ‘Cognoscenti’. The tagline on its page is “Thinking That Matters”.

The definition of Cognoscenti is “persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, especially in the fine arts, literature, and the world of fashion according to

I have provided the link to the page where the inside story is.

This medium is a sponsored program by WBRU Radio in Boston MA. I recommend reading the article.


clenched fist in red white and blue Google Images

The title of an article struck me “I Keep Trying to Understand Trump Voters, But I Keep Failing,”.

 Julie Wittes Schlack Cognoscenti Contributor wrote the article

Julie writes essays, short stories and book reviews for various publications including WBUR’s Cognoscenti and The ARTery.

By day, she leads the product innovation team for C Space, a Boston-based consumer collaboration company.

It is Ms. Wittes Schlack’s review of a book by Arlie Russell Hochschild “Strangers In Their Own Land”.

She describes the book as “a deeply researched and prescient study of Tea Party activists in Louisiana.

She quotes Ms. Hochschild “In a period of political tumult, we grasp for quick certainties”. We shoehorn new information into ways we already think.”


This is attached to a podcast named “Hidden Brain” hosted by Shankar Vedantam and produced by  Maggie Penman, Renee Klar, Jennifer Schmidt, Rhaina Cohen,  Tara Boyle, and Chloe Connelly. It was distributed on January 24, 2017.

The work of sociologist Arlie Hochschild was researched for some time.

The article starts out by restating my conundrum: “Researchers have long been confused by what seems like a paradox: many people in America vote against their economic self-interests.

Whether it’s the working-class conservative who wants a tax cut for the wealthy or a member of the liberal elite who fights for safety nets that raise his own taxes – we don’t always act in the way that would help US most.”

Aha! I dim light flickers to life!

Ms. Arlie Hochschild tackles this paradox.

“She says that people might vote against their economic needs, they’re actually voting for their emotional needs”.

Ms. Hochschild spent years in Louisiana trying to understand the deep stories of conservative, white, heterosexual, working-class Americans.

“Their deep story focused on the American Dream: the idea that, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have a better life,”

Today that dream is shattered best that I can tell.

I read an article today that discussed how the rents paid by the uber-wealthy are decreasing while the rents paid by the poor are increasing.

How can that be?

I thought America was a capitalist country governed by the “marketplace”, whatever that is.

(I am working on a post about poverty in American and the pay gaps: between rich and poor, women and men.)

I will get to that soon. I have been postponing it because I don’t think all of that story is told yet.

Yes, unemployment is low and the stock market is high.

But it all seems artificial.

I vividly recall the crash in 2007. I have been waiting for the crash of 2018 or 2019 to hit.

In addition, the tariffs and trade wars are going to working classes and the not uber-rich one more time.

The hardships unleashed by the last crash were not felt by the uber-rich.

The US Treasury is borrowing at a rate that makes me gasp.

I don’t understand it all but when the talk is of ‘unprecedented’ increases, my heart plummets.

But Ms. Hochschild’s observations ring true.

When I was in the Army in Alabama, the local people that worked in the same building were very much in favor of Nixon.

I cautioned them that all was not well.

They didn’t believe, but I think I righter than they.

The times are so much like the days and turmoil of Nixon’s reign but even he did not go to the autocrat extremes of our current dictator.

But I wander from my story.

I noticed last week that Trump’s approval ratings were at 50%.


A recent Pew survey found that approval ratings for Trump have been stable

Thirty-nine percent of Americans approved of his job performance in February 2017, almost a month after his inauguration.

With all the terrible things that have happened since his approval rating has improved!

Looking across to the opposition while 84 percent of Republicans approve of his job performance compared to just 7 percent of Democrats.

I never recall that big a chasm in this country.

I didn’t understand people voting for him in the first place. Now, even more, think he is just swell.

I mentioned that the American Dream was the quest for all Americans.

What happens when that dream does not come true?

Conservative white people see blacks and immigrants cutting in line in front of them.

They get ahead while the white people flounder.

No improvement in wages.

No improvement in job security.

Even when Trump kills industries with his tariffs they still approve of his job performance!

According to Hochschild, Trump tapped into the deep stories of these white people.

He confirmed what these people felt and that validated them.

His rhetoric even gives them a way to talk about their stories.

This has been one of my ‘not-understandings’.

They voted for him. Now they approve of him even more! ??

I wondered where these people had been.

Why hadn’t I heard of them before?

But that was part of the problem.

They didn’t have a voice until Trump came along.

Sure they elected a lot of crazy, of the rocker congresspeople. But that is the nature of the South.

‘A different country’ when I talked about Alabama.

Okay. That explains the attitudes of the people that lined the top of the freeways in Kentucky.

Blacks for Trump Google Images


My story was reinforced by an up-and-coming singer. Dolly Parton. She sings of the squalor that she and so many others lived in.

I just didn’t pay enough attention to the words.

Ms. Hochschild explored the ‘deep stories’.

 “The phenomenon of the tales we construct and tell ourselves to create coherence, to explain our values, hopes and disappointment.’

The stories may not be accurate but they ‘FEEL’ TRUE.

That still is only part of the story.

Last week Pence was in Duluth. A month earlier it was Trump.

The city was upside down!

How did these people, those that I grew up with, that I attended school devise such different ‘deep stories’ than mine?

I heard my rage and utter despair at the conditions that were and are developing.

Hochschild describes the “empathy wall” that makes us feel different even hostile to those who hold different beliefs

Boy that describes me to the hair I don’t have on my head.

What still befuddles me is that approximately four in 10 Americans support Trump even though a majority say they don’t like the way he conducts himself.

Another HUH?

How can someone vote for a person they don’t respect or admire? Especially for president?

Ms. Wittes Schlack describes the theory of Arlie Hochschild.

“In her telling, the conservative right’s deep story is about standing in line to get to the summit of a hill where you’ll finally realize the American Dream.”

You will have the prosperity and security of your dreams.

“The line moves slowly, but despite your lack of progress, you feel proud for  not complaining.”

You are tenacious. You are patient.

But now, the line quit moving.

It was moving at a snail’s pace, but now you see women, African-Americans, and immigrants cutting in line in front of you.

That you made you mad as a child and maybe even more now.

You feel “increasingly outnumbered and victimized.”

But you are like your ancestors, stoic and not complaining.

You won’t be a ‘whiner’.

It is safer for your ‘deep story’ to “characterize them, those people who cut in line, as rapists and criminals.

“They are job-stealing parasites infesting the homeland.”

You blame them and then you can hold onto your self-respect.

I am like the rest of the Americans that are increasingly contemptuous of the Republicans.

I even have created a name for them “The Trumpsters”. Those who follow Trump are “The Intolerants”.

In my story, it makes no difference whether you ‘born into privilege or poverty’.

We don’t look at the losses we have experienced we look at the great things we have accomplished.

We have redressed the wrongs of Civil Rights and Women’s Rights.

We “champion diversity and economic fairness.”

“We see the last 50 years not as an erosion of American values” but as a fulfillment of them.

We can agree with the conservatives that the “American Dream’ is increasingly unattainable.

But I blame the 1% and the skewed capitalist system on which they gorge.

I don’t blame the destitute or the working poor.

Granted liberals congratulate themselves on doing good works.

Stop Trump Google Images

But what do we do when we see the world rails ‘off the rails’?

I get angry and I despair for the future.

We have achieved all the ‘rights’ but now, in a blip, gone.

How do we address the rising tensions in our midst? The rising likelihood of racial violence?

We have already been thru this once!


What did the hard work of the last 50 years accomplish?

Each story feels right for the people living in it.

It looks equally twisted to those that are looking in from the outside.

I don’t understand how we will reach common ground?

we the people Google Images

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Who is this Man aka Repetitions Make it So

August 5, 2018

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He came from strict Catholic roots, born on Oct 29, 1897, studied history and literature.

He had contracted polio as a child and was rejected from military service.

This “sense of physical inadequacy tormented him,”  his whole life.

He had black hair and “a diminutive frame” and an intellectual background.

He was hostile to his nickname “little doctor”. He had a doctorate in literature and wrote revealing personal journals.

In his youth, crippled with high intelligence, driving ambition, voracious sexuality, and poverty.

These shortcomings along with his club foot “provided a rich cocktail of bitter complexes and hang-ups”.

His biographer described him as “always in search of a Messiah-like father figure to fulfill his nagging need for attention and applause.”

When he finally met a man who met his criteria, he fell under his spell. His conversion to this man’s cause “was instant and complete.”

He was a devoted disciple and did not waiver in his loyalty.

They even died together.

This man crafted the message and stage-managed the appearances of his manic devotion.

He created an empire “beyond the dreams of the spin-doctor imitators today.”

He gained total control of whole industries including the press, publishing, broadcasting, theater, and film.

He commissioned movies “(and bedded the actresses)” which put the sugar on the pill of his master.

His affairs led his wife to demand a divorce even though she too was unfaithful.


Who is or was, depending on how you look at the time, is this man?

He of the slippery tongue, the masterful spinner of tales, the pre-eminent ‘bullshitter’.

I covered the requirements for the title ‘bullshitter’ in my recent post…

As his turn came, as it always does, he became even more fanatical to the cause.

He has served as the ‘master to emulate’ by our current dictator in chief.

Trump is described as a follower of Roy Cohn who showed Trump how to ‘exploit the power and instill fear’.

Being acknowledged as a disciple of Roy Cohn, as damning as that is, is only a part of Trump’s evil designs.

His real anchor as he presides over the death of the United States of America is:

Joseph Goebbels.

Yes, you read that right.

I have read Trump is a modern day Hitler.

That may be.

But I put forth the nomination of Joseph Goebbels.

He is a fascist leading the brain-washed citizens to overtake an experiment in democracy.

But I recommend that Trump, the most powerful ‘illiberal’ to ever walk the earth, to be the incarnation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

I claim Trump is the master of ‘illiberal’ because even Hitler did not have as much power as Trump has at his fingertips.

Hitler had Mussolini who made up the Rome-Berlin Axis.

Japan was also considered part of the Axis powers but there had been no summit or meeting to establish the formality.

The three countries controlled Europe, North Africa, and East Asia at their zenith.

But Trump has Putin and Xi Jinping.

Trump has powerful followers of his tradecraft: Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban; Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro; the Philipines President RodrigoDutarte and no doubt even more up and comers who haven’t reached the world stage just yet.

Hitler also had Marshal Philippe Petain who headed Vichy France until 1942 when the Allied Invasion of France brought Charles De Gaulle back to France.

Charles De Gaulle led Free French Provincial government of the Free French Republic and ousted Petain from power.

But in terms of the number of people under subjugation to these dictators and the sheer firepower they can amass beats Hitler and his ilk any day.

Goebbels is described by the Jewish Virtual Library. org which recorded Hitler’s impression of Goebbels.

“Dr. Goebbels was gifted with the two things without which the situation in Berlin could not have been mastered: ‘verbal facility and intellect’”.

The Jewish Virtual Library. org’s description continues “Goebbels was the true creator and organizer of the Fuhrer myth, of the image of the Messiah-redeemer, feeding the theatrical element of the Nazi leader while inducing the self-surrender of the German masses through skillful stage management and manipulation’.

Now, I ask you, which of the above images does not describe Trump to the last of his coiffed fake hair.

If not for his orange complexion maybe he could resemble Goebbels more closely.

But, does his  ” deeply rooted contempt for humanity, his urge to sow confusion, hatred, and intoxication, lust for power and his mastery of the techniques of mass persuasion” match, Joseph Goebbels, when he was given full vent in the election campaigns of 1932 which brought Hitler to center stage.

Why do the major media outlets fear to bring these characteristic similarities of Trump and Goebbels to center stage in American news?

No doubt they do not want to inflame passions more than they are.

Based on the marches of Portland OR last weekend where the right wing Patriot Prayer party’s demonstration was met by counter-protesters.

The police were prepared for the event, keep each party to an opposite sidewalk along the street. Skirmishers of the opposing forces met and they shed blood.

Noteworthy is that this alt-right gathering is just ahead of the alt-right ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville last August.

Would you expect that Trump will continue his wild-tinged calls for against the press as “enemies of the people” and the Mueller investigation “a witch hunt” are having the desired effect?

American Citizens are beginning to believe him. America’s citizens are beginning to believe him.

Keith Payne is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He states “When a statement is repeated, it starts to feel more familiar. It is the concept of “illusory truth”.

He continues “Even when people know a claim is false, just a few repetitions can make them more likely to think it’s true.

Now how does that square with your thinking Trump’s supporters?

 “The Intolerants’ as I have labeled them should not be discarded out of hand—just because you don’t believe it doesn’t make it not true!

Now for the picture gallery:




Goebbel’s Rallies

Trump’s Rallies



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Internet Addiction Discorder

August 4, 2018

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On my way to research the search phenomenon, I just recognized, my addiction to ‘SEARCH’
I found an equalling interesting subject: ‘FAKE NEWS’ NEW PHILOSOPHER Issue #17: Communication, September 1, 2017
By Tom Chatfield
He quotes philosopher Harry Frankfurt in his 2005 book ‘ON BULLSHIT’.

Quoting Mr. Frankfurt “The essence of bullshit is not that it is false but that it is phony.”

“A liar and an honest person are interested in the truth, they are playing on opposite sides of the same game.
A bullshitter, however, has no such constraint.”
A politician witnessed the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.
During a campaign interview in 2015, he proclaimed that New Jersey, which had a heavy Arab population, he saw the Muslims cheering the collapse of these towers.

A normal politician caught in a lie would offer an apology, or an excuse or offer some reason when he knew he was caught.
However, this politician made up a different rule: claim what is false is FAKE NEWS.

I read the other day a summary of FAKE NEWS as being ‘propaganda’.

I now have to concede that calling it ‘BULLSHIT’ is far more accurate and, I dare say, more enjoyable.

For Frankfurt, a bullshitteris neither on the side of truth nor the side of false… He does not care whether the things he says describe reality. He just makes them up to suit his purpose.”

Our author, Tom Chatfield, continues “these words capture something central to the phenomenon that is called fake news: the belief that emotive impact is not only the supreme test of a story but the only metric that matters.”


Two perceptive insights in four paragraphs.

I have to move onto the main reason for this post but I will leave you with Mr. Chatfield’s observation: we are in a FESTIVAL OF BULLSHIT (caps mine).

What a fabulous metaphor!

Enjoy slogging around in this bullshit for a long while longer.

In the 1950s, psychologists found that, when an electrode was placed in a rat’s brain, the lateral hypothalamus, they would give themselves shocks.

They would do this rather than eat or drink.

They would do this up to seven hundred times per hour!

“What is especially troubling is that humans have a brain system similar to rats.” Antonia Case 11/14/2014 in the NewPhilospher Issue #5: ‘self’

Think about that for a minute.

How many of us can lie around, on a couch, doing nothing? Not reading, not watching TV just staring off into nothingness?

Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp was a neuroscientist and psychobiologist at Washington State University.

He and other researchers say that we are happiest when we ’re in search mode, seeking rewards of some kind.

Apparently, it doesn’t make much difference what we are searching for.
“We seek new weather, new disasters, new ideas, new inspiration. The more novel and unexpected, the bigger hit we get from it.”

Ms. Case uses the analogy our seeking is a “conveyor belt that’s forever moving onward”.

We may profess that we really want to “lay up in a hammock and happily look at the sky, neuroscientists give us the unfortunate verdict, that no, we’ll simply replace the search with another.”

“Our seeking pathways, called dopamine transmitter, which energizes us while seeking, are firing best when we are in search mode.”

Professor Panksepp says “animals can be driven into a frenzy when rewards for search are dished out in minuscule chunks; unable to be satisfied, the search continues, at a more frantic pace.”

How do you react when the ding announcing a new text message or email tinkles on your phone? This is the” bell Pavlov rang for his dogs.”

“We become sweating rats in the laboratory, pressing the lever to get our fix!”

Are you like a drug user?

“Drug users get to the point where they can’t stop seeking drugs, even as the rewards for usi
ng decline over time.”
“We keep hitting the refresh button because we have no choice–we’re caught in a loop.”

Are we doing harm?

Thanks for stopping.

PS I am a rat on a conveyor belt hunting for a sugar fix.

Sleep Soundly My Friend never stop dreaming

This post was originally posted in my Blog “MN”. Please excuse the formatting issue until they are cleaned up. Craig
Sleep Soundly, My Friend


August 3, 2018

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Have you ever had trouble falling asleep?

Have you ever gone days or even weeks without a refreshing, recharging sleep?

You know then of what I speak.

I had trouble sleeping as long as I can remember and even longer.



In 1997, I was working in the porch on our house.

I was stripping paint from the narrow beadboard woodwork.

It was a long, tedious, and exhausting project.

After using a gel stripper to remove the paint, I still had to sand where each strip of board met up with the one next to it.

This was taxing when I was working overhead. It has extremely punishing work on the neck and shoulders.

Well, I finally finished the overhead part and began work on the door frame and was not doing the walls or window frames.

Hopefully, when completed it would appear that the stripped and varnished parts would be an accent to the white walls and window frames.

This was a porch built in 1927 so there were a lot of windows.
By many, there were exactly fourteen. Fourteen frames, with an upper and lower section. Fourteen dividers between each window.
Dividers above the windows and below the windows.

Dividers above the front door and the exterior door.

Lots of stripping to do. And after that, I had to strip the floor.

I thought the floor would be the easiest part of the job since it was flat and I didn’t need to stand on a ladder.


There were eight coats of paint on the floor to strip before I got down to the wood grained floor.
Stripping that many coats of paint resembles playing in mounds of slippery, wet gunk. A challenge to wipe up too.

But that is getting ahead of myself.

I had the front door frame to strip.
The beautiful door was varnished. A light steel wool to sand and remove the old checked varnish. Apply a new coat of fresh polyurethane varnish would make the door beautiful again.

There were eight frames for the windows. The windows were six inches by eight inches. The framing between the windows was narrow but detailed.

I patted myself on the back and decided to just touch up the framing and just put on a new of varnish.

I started to paint the gel stripper on the vertical portions of the door frame.


What just happened?

The whole floor was ablaze!

Flames licking from the edges of the floor where stripper had fallen. Encircling the whole outside edge of the porch!

I was stomping as fast as I could.

I panicked and hollered for my wife to help me.

It was scary. Flames licking every there was stripper.

Finally, we put the flames out.

Sitting outside on the front steps I couldn’t catch my breath!

I huffed and huffed and gasped and gasped. But I still could not catch my breath.

It was late summer, and the evening was cool which made breathing easier.
What a relief!

What in the world had happened? How did the fire start?

It took several days to figure that mystery. 

Later I examined the door frame.

A doorbell buzzer!

I hadn’t disconnected the power supply from the button.

As the gel slide down the wood frame, it eventually came in contact with the live wire of the doorbell.


A fireball flew out of the connection and dropped to the floor where more stripper awaited the flame.

The flame spread lightning fast around the inside edge of the porch.

I don’t know how long we took to stomp out the flames, but it felt like an eternity.


The next day was a Monday, a workday.

I drove to work still feeling punk from the prior evening’s excitement.

I got to work and sat in the breakroom.

I still couldn’t catch my breath!

I called my doctor, and he said to get to the hospital at once.

The hospital was a short drive, around 10 miles.

I stood outside the emergency room door and sucked down another cigarette!
I figured it would be a few days before I would be able to light up another.

I entered the door and walked the few steps to the desk.

When asked  I said I couldn’t catch my breath.


An orderly pounced on a wheelchair and flew me into an awaiting room.

It was a long time from getting underdressed to the time a doctor came.
The prognosis?

I was on my way to undergo heart catheterization.

What? I couldn’t catch my breath! It was my lungs not my heart!

The nurse assured me it was my heart. A wire would be inserted in an artery in my groin and the cardiologist would snake it up the artery and see what was going on in my heart.

Four blockages. Four!

I later learned that I qualified for the ‘real’ heart repair club. The requirement was to undergo more than three blockages to qualify.
Of course, this made grown men giggle during rehab (it hurt too much to laugh!).


Now you know the back story. We can move forward.

While in the hospital I complained of my legs were driving me to  DISTRACTION! 
A discussion with my wife and doctor ensued.

I didn’t remember my wife telling me my legs would jump at night and kick her. We had a kingsize mattress, so we weren’t sleeping squished into the bed.

Now the story begins.

They told me I woke up frequently during the night. What?

They scheduled me for a sleep study for a time after my convalescence.

They diagnosed my kicking legs as Restless Leg Syndrome.

In 1997 there wasn’t much known regarding this condition and much less medication to help in resolving it.

The Sleep Study was not painful. A bit aggravating yes. But it was nothing I had to study for.

I check into the section of the hospital where the studies were done. I was glad there was nothing I had to prepare for a study to take the test.

After checking into the hospital, they hooked me up with as many wires as they attached during heart surgery or so it seemed.

They assigned me a room and told to sleep. Yeah right!

A strange bed, a strange room, and a strange pillow. Not to mention as a jumble of wires sticking to every section of my skull and chest.
Did I mention I am blessed with a large quantity of chest hair?
Good luck getting the sticky pads removed that were attached everywhere!

I dozed off because they woke me up and hooked me up with a mask.

There was a machine that pumped air into the mask was attached to my face.

Later I was woken up again. This time it was morning!

The nurse asked me if I was refreshed.
That stopped me like a thunderbolt.


I had not felt so good after a spending a night laying in bed in… forever. And it was only four hours!

During the sleep study, they discovered I stopped breathing 90 times A MINUTE!

Sleep Apnea specifically obstructive sleep apnea was my curse.


They asked if I wanted a machine like the one they had attached to my face.




I learned it was a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine.

I ran to the Medical Equipment store and requested one ASAP!

They had one in stock and I snatched it up and received instruction on how to use it.


The first night was a struggle to figure out the contraption and how to fit in on my face whether to start the machine with ‘ramping’ the air flow or just start full blast.

I much preferred the full blast when laying my head on the pillow. No messing around here!

The next morning I woke.

I felt like I had just drunk nectar from the gods (I was hung up on Greek Mythology at the time).

Boy, I felt like a new person, I had not slept like that in many many years, if ever.

I was now on a CPAP machine and could be given medication to help resolve the Restless Legs.

There were only a few choices at that time.

My doctor and I finally settled on clonazepam. It came with its own set of issues.

When I kept an appointment at the VA Hospital in Mpls, the doctor put me on ‘Ropinerole’ (generic ‘Requip’).
That worked wonders to help get to sleep and stay asleep.

It too had its own issues as I was to find out later.


If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, help is available.

Check with your doctor. Your local hospital may have a Sleep Study Lab.

If possible, please use it. You deserve a much more comfortable life.

Don’t worry about the cost of the CPAP machine. Insurance will cover the cost of it (around $1,500+).

The supplies are not exorbitant.

Even when I didn’t have insurance, I found a supplier on the internet that supplied me for a very reasonable cost per month (less than $10).


By whatever means get the Sleep Study test.


You will then have a diagnosis on why you can’t sleep.

I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

I have heard people, usually, men, don’t use a CPAP machine. They don’t like it.

I have rarely heard such cockamamie nonsense.

To not sleep when there is relief baffles me.


Some people say it takes time to get used to the machine blowing air down your throat. I can understand that. There are times my mouth feels dry and irritated.

The dry mouth also has a nasty effect on your teeth.

If I had a do-over I would you a mouth ‘moistener’. Bacteria grows fast in a dry environment.

I didn’t have an issue once the Restless Legs were under control.
I have listed an article from the Mayo Clinic on tips for avoiding the 10 most common problems you may encounter using a CPAP machine.

The issues range from the noise that might irritate people. The machines are comparatively quiet now but my wife still wears earplugs.

Some issues are due to the mask itself. It might not be the correct size or it may have a leak along the edges. They will be overcome with practice and patience.

Then there are the psychological issues.

Perhaps you may feel claustrophobic.

You might notice difficulty tolerating the forced air.

As the article “CPAP Machines: Tips for avoiding 10 common problems” encourages: “Time and Patience are the keys. CPAP can positively affect the quality of your life and health.”


Thanks for stopping.


‘NEVERMORE’ aka Anguished


August 4. 2018

864 words

3 minutes 41 seconds read time

Good Evening.

The title of the post tonight is ‘Nevermore’. Does anyone recognize the famous phrase?

A hint: it was in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

But maybe he is not taught anymore?

An example of what they still may teach galloped across my mind last night while watching a math professor finish the equation of a lifetime. From on his ladder, his slowly turned his head to see the cleaning lady wiping off the beginning of the equation. The narrator’s voice trailed off, ‘he almost finished the equation’?

Great commercial.

Great question.

How many know the name of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem?

I could ramble on with subjects not taught anymore and one caught my mind. Spelling!

Who needs spelling and proofreading in the day of Grammarly, ProWriting Aid and many other tools?

Case in point.

My spellchecker did not recognize that I had misspelled Poe’s middle name incorrectly.

What an embarrassment!


Last evening and the one before I lamented I had separated from several family members due to their continued intoxication with Trump.

My oft-stated reasoning for debunking so many of Trump’s stupidities/lies/miscalculations take your pick is to correct the fake news of the day.

I often state that if people are intoxicated with Trump after 18 months they should move to a desert island with others of their ilk.

Leave us that love DEMOCRACY and DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES to live in what was the UNITED States of America.

That holds true for these men and women have served in the military.


To act against the Constitution is CONSPIRACY. That is a federal felony.

I don’t understand how they can so blithely ( casually and cheerfully) cast aside the country that helped them grow to adulthood.

I do not take my stand lightly nor without great sadness.

Tonight I watched last nights broadcast of the Rachel Maddow Show.
Nicolle Wallace interviewed Steve Schmidt, a former Republican strategist.

She also interviewed a former high ranking FBI official and a former high ranking CIA official.

Brian Stelter a reporter for CNN added in his column last night that Trump has lied (quoting a Washington Post columnist) 4,229 times in 558 days.

Chris Cillizza of CNN states he has said things that are not true more than 7 times a day!

The easy question is why don’t Trump supporters, (several months ago I labeled them as “JOCKSTRAPS”) look at something other than Fox News and other alt-right rags?
I agree with a reporter the other day said we shouldn’t call Trump and his supporters ‘fake news’. It is propaganda.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I have struggled for a good name to label the ‘fake news’.

 Propaganda is the real name for FAKE NEWS.

The harder question is that people who I assume perform due diligence when they are looking at buying a used car or looking for a new car mechanic.

But to decide they do not want to know the truth about Trump and his evilness?

They take him and his supporters at face value?

Even Fox News has Shep Smith has often spoken the truth regarding Trump.

These people who have their heads in the sand about Trump.

They have their heads even deeper in a pile of cow manure when they don’t even listen to a news anchor on Fox News.

Amazingly stupid!

This makes them irrelevant in any conversation involving today’s news.

I queried them and did not get a response.

Are they concerned where Trump and his minions are leading this country in regards to Women’s Rights? Children’s Rights? Civil Rights?

The Rights of the Sick and Infirm?

The Rights of the children ripped from their mothers at our border?

Do they understand the damage Trump and those of Trump’s Party (make no mistake the Republican Party does not exist) are doing?

The debris alone will last as long as their children are alive!

Their grandchildren’s children will still pay for the damage Trump is doing.

The $1.5 trillion gift to the 1% and to wealthy corporations will take that long to repay.

I am not even discussing the moral turpitude he is encouraging and is being copied not only by other JOCKSTRAPS running for election or reelection. but by other countries around the world.

If I  cannot trust these people’s competence to test attacks against the longstanding pillars of this country’s experiment in democracy, how can I trust their competency to tell me what the weather is?

This is obviously an oversimplification but how can any opinion they hold be of value?

An example: since they have not given any indication of ever talking to me again, I must conclude they approve of the activities at the Tampa rally.

Those people and their actions are beyond the pale!

To slam the press which is a pillar of a FREE DEMOCRACY IS INEXCUSABLE.

I have no choice but to cut off further conversation.

That is brutal.

It is sad.

But it is necessary.

I can’t wrap my head around the new ways Trump finds to disparage this nation, its history, its citizens.

I don’t have enough time left on this earth to understand these people’s misguidedness.

Mr. Poe’s poem? The Raven.
Therefore, ‘NEVERMORE’.


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