Once upon a time when I was delivery the Duluth News and Tribune on those cold, windy winter mornings. Boy, some days it was SO COLD. It was about 6 blocks to pick up the papers that out 8 blocks and of course 14 blocks to get back home. There wasn’t much to think about except the cold and that wasn’t much fun. The houses were stuck in memory, the snow crunched louder as it got colder and I even wore a scarf around my nose and mouth. There didn’t seem to be a lot of reason to get cold inside too.

So I spent a lot of hours trudging out and back with not much on my mind. I started making up stories. I don’t remember any of them. I do remember thinking that one day I would get paid for writing. I don’t think a dollar amount was ever attached to those morning dreams, it was too cold and dark to be daydreams.

I had the streets pretty much to myself. The route went along the railroad tracks coming into the paper mill. There was always noise coming from that place. The tracks ran along some fuel tanks at one point. Big, foul-smelling things. The ground was covered with fuel. The air was heavy with the smell. Not at all pleasant. But if the trains had to get somewhere they had to have the fuel. I don’t remember trucking being that big of an industry at that time so I didn’t think much about trucks. Trains. You could go places on trains.

Come on aboard. But I will guarantee we will use digital and not diesel locomotives.


dabblerduckbutts.com is a consolidation of four WordPress.com blogs. I also write two blogs in Google’s Blogger: sleepsoundlymyfriend.com; mnnoreaster.com.

I post three major topics on this blog:

We have followed in what others before us have done. We owe it to those following to leave those footprints and add our own. Paths to follow. Paths to dare not tread.

Health, Medicine and Veteran’s Healthcare

Political Activities, Environmental Issues

And last, the first major blog I’ve been writing http://www.deepeducationweb.com. Those posts now appear in this blog. The beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Everything is just changing so fast and it will only get faster. Sometimes that good, improvements in medicine will be welcomed. Sometimes not so good, job losses due to artificial¬†intelligence and machine learning. Not so welcome.

Come join me as I strive to untangle all these posts without loosing too much materiel.

Thanks for stopping.



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