Good Day!

I am a restless sort. I have always enjoyed reading and now that I am retired but still restless I look for NGT – the next great thing.

Maybe it is from the mind of Elon Musk. Maybe a nameless scientist has just found a way to make hydrogen fuel from seawater and who is destined to be nameless no longer.

I just sit at my computer hour after hour hoping to find a way to make these hours of research and writing earn an income.

I can’t tend to my roses anymore as I did for more than twenty years, my feet and my legs failed me. Nor can I go on long walks with Berkley, my companion Landseer Newfoundland.

My Companion Berkley, Landseer Newfoundland
Berkley, Marvelous Companion

But as long as my eyes can read, my brain engage and my fingers pound a keyboard I will keep on keeping on.

Thanks for stopping by!

Craig Martineau

black and white hybrid tea rose with water droplets on each petal
Svetlana Manic 282267 Unsplash!

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