Ignore the Issue – at your peril

October 8, 2018

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It has been awhile since I have posted to this blog.

Too many other things going on such as the new justice to the Supreme Court, Elon Musk throwing fits at the SEC, Space Ex landing the first stage at Vanderbilt or close to it.

Uber, Lyft, and others make the first inroads into self-driving vehicles.

Last year’s forecast

Last year I forecast that self-driving semi-trailers would be on American highways hauling freight.

While that is happening I expected a bigger ‘bump’ that I am seeing in the news.

Indeed, many other countries, especially China, are way ahead of the US in self-driving vehicles and other software oriented developments.

There is so much ‘noise’ that it is hard to really see the big developments.

Trump is creating more than a giant share just to obfuscate his activities.

When I first started this blog in March 2017 I predicted massive disruptions in the workforce due to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The economy is so roaring hot right now it is impossible to see disruptions that I was thinking would occur.

We will just have to wait a little longer. This hyper link brings  you to my first post to this blog where my exasperation at the media because they were under reporting the job losses I was expecting.

This link is to a post on another blog of mine.

I wrote to discuss the tribulations brought on the West Virginia coal miners because they have not taken the necessary steps to educate themselves to learn the new technologies.


I just read this article on Andrew Ng. Mr. Ng is a leading authority on Artificial Intelligence.

In the last year, he quit his job with Baidu, a Chinese software company.

Instead of leading the AI divisions of Google or Baidu, he is now running three companies that foster the growth of Artificial Intlelligence.

While discussing some of the integral parts and functions of these companies, he got to the main thrust of the article (even though the author did not contruct his article in that way.

The topic was Universal Basic Income. This topic has been discussed in the scientific community more than the political realm.

The discussion centers on the fact that once AI and robots begin replacing humans in a major way some form of providing people with an income when they become obsolete in the job.

Mr. Ng’s thoughts on Universal Basic Income is to pay people to study and thereby earn their place back in a productive job.

two people sharing machine learnin

His closing remarks :

“Every time there’s a technological disruption, we’re given an opportunity to remake large parts of the world.

I would like the world to be fairer.

I would like everyone to have better access to opportunities and education.

I would like to relieve people of menial tasks.

I would like democracy to run better.

I really believe that with technology, we can remake large parts of the world to be much better than they are today.

I wouldn’t be working so hard if I didn’t fundamentally believe that.

Thanks for stopping.


Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 - unsplash!
Red Rose Svetlana Manic 674670 – unsplash!

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