Today is today but tomorrow … I’m not sure what or where tomorrow is going to be. I have been researching artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks the things of science fiction. We are now seeing the fruits of the early research. Today we are seeing self-driving cars, self-driving semi-trailer trucks, reusable rockets, hydrogen fuel made from seawater and more than we can imagine. What will tomorrow bring?

If I had the time I could write blogs every day all day and I still couldn’t keep up. My blog http://www.deepeducationweb.com is not even scratching the surface of the information available.

I am finding (did I ever doubt?) that the same is true in the world of medicine and Veteran’s Health (lodestarandyou.com blog). I never have had time to research more people that might qualify for my blog NewBoldEssential. Those people that have given their time, their energy, their ethics that have made America TRULY Great.

In my endeavor to be (mostly) current and to use my money as judiciously as possible (Social Security doesn’t buy much and I have yet to figure out a way to monetize my blogs) I have folded NewBoldEssential and LodestarandYou into my blog dabblerduckbutts.com.

I plan to move deepeducationweb.com into dabblerduckbutts also. Why? The species dabbler duck is not familiar to most people (even though as soon as I explain what a dabbler duck is they recognize the image of a duck’s butt popping up in the air while it feeds on the bottom).

It also is not associated with any particular subject so I am free to wander around in my cobwebs that substitute for my brain as much as I want without being pinned down to a particular train of thought.

I will be folding deepeducationweb.com into dabblerduckbutts.com as soon as I have to renew the subscription for that website. I really would be better off using Google’s Blogger or my free Blogspot account for all these shenanigans but I like to stay versed in different formats and utilities.

I do not intend for any of my blogs to be anything more than my personal opinions, leanings, and learnings. I hope that you will find them as I intend them – Quick reads about a lot of topics and interests so that if you find something that tickles your fancy you can follow a link I provide or decide to delve more deeply into a given topic.

Another blog I post as time allows is mnnoreaster.com. I live on a hill overlooking Duluth MN. It is a small city in northeastern Minnesota. My bride and I have lived here 42 years and have enjoyed every minute living next to the places and events that Duluth offers. I cannot say enough about living 20 miles or so from Lake Superior. Well, maybe those summer days when the wind whips out of the east and carries the cold of the lake up to the warmer climes on top of the hill. Brrrr. I love the tumbleweeds of fog rolling down our street but day after day after day can be more than I can stand. But in the quiet of the fog, I enjoy discovering a new dimension of non-sound and the coolness of the temperature dropping 20 or 30 degrees and the humidity being chased away by the ‘lake breeze’ as it euphemistically called.

I use mnnoreaster.com to unabashedly boost the image of Duluth and its people. Neither can be found anywhere else in the great land.

You will note that I use a lot of images in my posts. I hunt thru all the photography websites, Google Images, Unsplash.com, Pixabay etc. to bring a wide variety of images to my words. Pictures are worth 1,000 words right? I especially like to use local photographers that allow me to use their works on my posts. They paint a much better picture than I can of what the ‘Head of the Lakes’ truly means.

Hopefully, you will find some of my ditherings to be aligned with your interests.

Join us. The reading is good (I think!). Stop by whenever you can.

Great Lake Fleet laker Prescue Isle Image by Rick Rice Duluth MN
A friend, Rick Rice captured this picture of the laker Presque Isle entering the Port of Duluth on Dec 31st, 2017.

Thanks for stopping by!


black and white photo of a hybrid tea rose with water droplets on each petal



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